My name is Wolfgang Zingl, I was born on October 18th, 1971 in Vienna.


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If life was a straight road I probably would have gone to medical school. Luckily that never happened. Back in the days my only interest was to be a competitive runner doing races all over the world.


Since my talent couldn't  hold stride with my ambitions I was always looking for ways to get the edge over my fellow competitors. Tried new things in terms of training and diet, questioned conventional wisdom.


I enjoyed some decent success, running 5 World Championships for Austria (with a 6th place at the Mountain Running Long Distance World Championships being my best result). In 2012, at the age of 41 (!), I ranked 4th in the world. (Sorry for boring you with those ol´ stories, in case you want to know more about the runner Wolfgang Z. please visit )



thinking outside the box

I realized very early on in my career that exceptional health – an often neglected part in professional sports – would be an important part for success and even more for longevity.


Without even planning I acquired an extensive knowledge about many health related topics, developed a growing mistrust against conventional wisdom, our health care system and most of all against pharmaceutical and agriculture industries. Sadly none of them is in it for the love of mankind.


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(Mark Sisson)

a medical miracle ?

The turnaround in my life which led to the path I'm on, happened when a certain guy  called Martin (name changed upon request of my client) asked me for consultation. Although I had been working as a running coach for many years, I've never seen someone like Martin approach me: 125 kilos, matching up with only 165 cm, fresh off from a heart attack, suffering from diabetes type 2.


“Wait a minute. I´ m not a doctor. I am an athlete, a coach. How am I supposed to help you ? "Well, I was at the doctor's office, saw various specialists. They got me on strong medication and insulin. Did you know, in Germany alone 50.000 diabetics are annually losing a leg due to diabetes ? In addition 35.000 are going blind, all of us injecting insulin on a daily basis, still facing an agonizing death from this disease.”


No, I did not know any of that. Honestly, neither did I want to. Well, guess I can´t pretend anymore that running is the only important thing in life…..

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Heart attack and diabetes were the symptoms, but what was the cause? As with my athletes I chose a holistic approach: By asking countless questions I got to know Martin's life in detail. To change his diet was a given. Furthermore we integrated some easy, minimal exercise in his daily routine, always keeping the most crucial objective in mind: to have fun.

slow life down

Another vital element was to reduce stress as much as possible. In a life that seemed determined by a strenuous job, alimony payments, money troubles and often too much alcohol consumption, all of a sudden Martin found room to play the guitar again. A passion he apparently had not found time for in decades.


The daily newspaper did no longer serve as a means of delivery of negative news from all over the world, instead it was used to stimulate the brain with fun Sudoku and crossword puzzles.


Mindless eating in front of the TV was replaced by delicious meals at a nicely set dinner table. Even Martin's shoes were inspected closely and switched out for better ones to further support his healing process. This is how we approached our dream of getting healthy and fit step by step.

Being able to walk for 5 minutes nonstop, eventually running for 1 full minute for the first time  - in seemingly forever. A belt that suddenly needs to be adjusted, a waste band that is getting loose.


The day when the scales are showing two digit numbers again - for the first time in 15 years. To be able to run for 7 (!) kilometers, having to swallow one pill less.


Tears of joy - also in my eyes - when we, in a triumphal act of celebration, get rid of a stunning selection of pills - next to the usual suspects like pain pills, sedatives and moodlifters, "bombs" like statins (which were highly responsible for Martin's depression) and

anticoagulant drugs.


the turning point in my life

Today Martin is off all medications and regained his total health. He did not only turn around his life but mine too.  Finally I truly knew what I was destined to do.


I used the same effort and energy that supported my running career so well, only this time to learn, to educate myself. Never took anything for granted, was looking for new answers when the old ones seemed to be flawed and outdated. I am forever grateful to brilliant spirits like Dr. Phil Maffetone, Dr. Steve Gangemi, Dr. Volek or Dr. Phinney for sharing their wisdom.


When I got the opportunity to become a Primal Health Coach under the guidance of Mark Sisson, founder and godfather of the Primal Blueprint, the circle closed. After finishing the rigorous education I became the first Primal Health Coach in the German speaking countries.


I am proud to have joined Mark Sisson and the steadily growing community of Primal Health Coaches all over the world on our mission.


These days I live a primal life in Klagenfurt with my wife Brigitte and our son Ben.